Quit babysitting on audit findings. Get the closure you need on every issue.

Stop wondering and stop chasing. Pointer automatically follows up on every issue and even escalates them for you until they are closed.

See The Pointer Difference!

You can’t expect what you don’t inspect. Increase your audit efficiency today.

Say bye to pesky follow ups.

Chasing for findings status sucks your energy and time.

Pointer works persistently to follow up on issues and monitor them until completion.

Collect evidence with videos and photos

Attach photo or video evidence directly to your audit. No more adding photos to a spreadsheet one by one which takes forever.

Stay on top. Always.

What are the top stubborn issues? Which locations are the worst performing? Etc. Pointer dashboard flushes out them out so you focused on what matters the most to achieve a high standard of care.

You get a full picture

Everything that transpired is logged, step by step and fully transparent. So even if you takes your eyes off, you know what happened every step of the way.

Extensive reports included.

Your account comes with performance and compliance report. Cut and slice management and performance reports according to departments, locations, and any other way. Find wha youre looking for with a few clicks.

Ensure the highest standard of care with smart analytics, not spreadsheets.

Audit systems that provide snappy checklist set up, faster inspection speed, create issues and collect evidence are table stakes features now. Semmel takes it further with a focus on making sure findings are resolved and tracks if audit results are in line with the intended outcomes.

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