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Help your network discover the best hand hygiene monitoring system and earn generous referral fee.

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Join as a Semmel Affiliate

Every hospital conducts hand hygiene monitoring programmes without exception.  It is the main practice in the prevention of infections.  Hand hygiene monitoring programmes is a mandatory KPI to sustain accreditation standards so hospitals are always on the look out for an efficient and cost effective monitoring system to replace their current laborious and time consuming manual practice.

Be the first to introduce us to them and earn a generous introduction fee as a Semmel Affiliate.

Become a Semmel Affiliate.

You’re making the right choice – Semmel Hand Hygiene is a proven product that has benefited hundreds of hospitals who continue to use our product year after year.  We are certain that your network will benefit from our efficient and cost effective system.  Feel confident that you are introducing a product that will benefit them enormously.

Semmel is trusted by leading hospitals of the world, a testament to its effectiveness.

Our customers have been renewing their accounts year after year!

Semmel receives 5-Star ratings for our outstanding customer support.

Winner of multiple product awards vetted by healthcare professionals since 2015

Semmel Affiliate is for you.

You’re a perfect Semmel Affiliate candidate if:

You’re currently selling hand sanitisers to hospitals. Using hand rubs and measuring compliance go hand-in-hand; one reinforces the other.  Besides selling hand sanitisers, you now have the opportunity to introduce a useful tool to your customers to measure their hand hygiene programme effectiveness to complete the whole picture.

You’re working as a medical sales rep to hospitals. Get an introduction into the infection control division and put a foot in the door. They’ll thank you for the introduction.

You’re an existing customer of Semmel and you have peers working in other hospitals.  The next time you meet your peers at a conference, talk or webinar, ask what tool they are using for monitoring hand hygiene. If it’s still on paper, introduce Semmel to them.

Make an introduction. That’s all you need to do.

Your role is pretty straightforward – just set up a meeting for us or provide our contact detail and have them contact us. Either way, you earn a generous referral fee if they become a customer of Semmel.

So start making introductions. Ask if they are interested with a technology tool to remove the pain of manual and menial labour work they face each month monitoring hand hygiene. It’s most likely they will say yes. Go ahead and set up the meeting or have them call us.

Large opportunity in front of you.

Based on our research, more than 90% of infection control team still runs hand hygiene monitoring programme on paper.  That means 9 out of 10 of your existing customers can easily convert to extra income for you just by asking if they are looking for technology to replace their current manual process.

Currently Semmel is deployed in these countries:  Brunei, China including Hong Kong SAR, India, Kingdom of Bahrain, Malaysia, Singapore, United States of America.  Semmel is available in 2 languages (English and Chinese) and open to any countries in the world that speaks these 2 languages. The world is your oyster!


What is the commission structure and rate?

As a Semmel Affiliate, you’ll be earning USD250 for every referred accounts that have become a paid customer and another USD$150 for renewal the next year.

When and how do I get paid?

Payment is made within 45 days from the date we receive payment from your referral.  We pay directly to your bank account in USD.  You will bear any bank charges for the fee transfer, if any and the final amount you receive will be subjected to any exchange rate that your bank charges to convert USD to your local currency..

What do I have to do to earn a referral fee?

Simply introduce Semmel to your network and secure a 20 minutes online or onsite meeting.  In the meeting, we will conduct the product demo and continue with follow ups until closing.  You can be involved as much or as little as you like throughout this sales process.  You can choose to attend the meetings, be copied on email communications or be totally hands off.

What is the exclusivity period for each introduction or referral?

You have an exclusivity of 3 months from the date a meeting is set.  After the 3 months, you are still entitled to the referral fee if no other affiliates have set up a meeting with the same customer.  So start calling all your customer now and lock in the exclusivity period before others do!

How do I register as an affiliate?

Fill out and submit the form on this page.

What happens after I register as a Semmel Affiliate?

You will receive an email that confirms your registration as an affiliate and receive a copy of our agreement. You will also be given access to resources like brochures and a link to set up meetings between your customer and us.

Read our Terms and Conditions here.

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