Our Mission

Our vision is to do less; our mission is to help you do less so you can achieve more. Our time is finite and it is better to spend it on what really matters, and that means doing away with things that don’t. We are Semmel Health and we are committed to see this vision through by developing and providing technologies to ease the administrative burden of nurses.

Your Mastery

We create tools that have the depths and precisions you need to achieve mastery in your nursing profession. In partnership with you, we keenly observe and listen to any issues that blocks you from achieving your work goals. If it adds value to you and others, we will enhance our tools to remove those blocks. We are committed to helping you accelerate mastery in your profession through smart use of technologies.

Your Time

Spend less time on spreadsheets. With lower cost of technologies, leverage automations that do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what really matters. Our tools are also designed to aggressively cut out menial and manual work that you should not be spending time on. Tasks like data entry, data cleaning, counting, pivot tables, cut and paste charts, making phone calls to coordinate work takes your time and eyes away from your goals. Your time is better spent elsewhere.

Our Solutions


Hand Hygiene Monitoring

Powerful direct observation system to improve compliance. Comes with extensive reports and automation that cuts down 90% of manual work.


Audit Management

Versatile tool to create audit checklists, collect data, record findings with evidence and auto follow up until issue is closed.

Live dashboards to keep you on top of every issue.


Accreditation Audit System

Built according to latest stardards set by MSQH and JCI.

Real-time coordination and approval process to make sure standards are met.


Operating Theatre Management System

Equitable OT room bookings that optimises use of theatres and assets.

Extensive reporting to on critical KPIs like utilisation, staff productivity etc.


Endoscopy Room Management System

Procedure room booking and optimisation of people and assets.

Highly configurable to meet each institutions unique set up and workflows


Surgical Site Infection Monitoring

Monitor surgical site infections post surgery.

Semmel SSI programmatically send requests to patient to update his condition based on individual care path.

User Management and Integrations

An advanced user management system to create users and give privileges to manage access.

Role based privileges gives you granular control over access to each function in any modules.

Connect to your Microsoft Active Directory through LDAP.

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