Accredited hospitals use Semmel to foster strong and sustainable hand hygiene culture.

Semmel's comprehensive features lets you take advantage of direct observation method to meet stringent accreditation standards, improve data quality, automate feedback and build trust.  All without breaking a sweat (or the bank).

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Standardise Your Hand Hygiene Practice Today

Semmel Hand Hygiene is a mobile app to record direct observation, give contextual  feedback and improve hand hygiene compliance.  It is designed to streamline safety standards across a network of  healthcare institutions.  The journey begins with standardising hand hygiene operations to improve data quality as the foundation for improving compliance.

Go Digital In Minutes

Too many gaps in paper surveillance.  Go digital today in 3 simple steps:

  1. Configure professions and locations
  2. Download mobile app + Start surveillance
  3. Share results

Get Data That You Can Trust

Cut variability in your data.  Arbitrary audit methods and timings create unreliable data that takes you further away from the truth.  Semmel's game-like interface makes it easy for observers to achieve high quality data that is fit even for accreditors.


*Surveyors from these organisations have audited our customers.  This is not an endorsement of Semmel Hand Hygiene App.

Harmonise Data Across Your Network

Scale up your standardised operations across your entire healthcare network and expect the same consistent, clean and well founded data that you can rely on each time to make comparisons, plot trends and find insights from data that you can trust.

Case Study: SingHealth Standardise Its Operations

Read how SingHealth, the largest cluster of public hospitals in Singapore standardised their hand hygiene operations across their network.


Understand Obstacles

Do you get questions as to why non-compliance happened? Configure reasons for non compliance and test your hypothesis.  Then conduct hand hygiene training that is targeted to the right group with more relevant content based on your findings.


Give Meaningful Feedback

Automate timely, meaningful and contextual feedback to individual staff or team to encourage positive and lasting behaviour change towards hand hygiene compliance.


Quality Data, Quality Reports

Naturally.  No more data entry, data cleaning, data processing.  Spend more time looking for insights than looking for wrong entries.


Adhere To Global Standards

The app is configurable to WHO's 5 Moments of Hand Hygiene, CDC's Hand Hygiene or simply Wash In / Wash Out.  Moments are also configurable against professions and locations to ensure no data cleaning is ever needed.