We make national IPC requirements for hand hygiene audits more convenient and easily attainable.

Be it JCI, Leapfrog or WHO standard, you can easily meet the requirements set by these bodies and prove the quality of your data. Semmel gives you the ease of direct observation, minus the pain of administration.

Trusted by leaders

The friendliest hand hygiene system for direct observation.

Semmel’s short learning curve makes it an instant hit with observers. While observers love its simplicity, infection control managers love its reliable data, ready-made charts and PowerPoint reports.

Semmel can be configured for any of these frameworks:

Capture all your data with this tiny app.

Whip out your mobile phone to record observations anytime. Fast, simple and looking less obvious.

Anyone can learn to use it within minutes.

Done-for-you reports.

Don’t loose sleep over reports. We’ve got you covered with ready-made web and PowerPoint reports.

  1. Standard hand hygiene charts
  2. Custom reports for each stakeholder
  3. Export reports to PowerPoint
  4. Schedule to auto send reports

Data that you can defend and depend.

Are all the shifts covered? Are observations happening throughout the month? Are the required total number of opportunities met? Are the opportunities distributed according to each profession category and location?

Semmel has built-in features to ensure your data quality is rock solid. And it doesn’t require close monitoring from you.

Semmel tops the score in UK’s Journal of Hospital Infection research.

This independent report presents a user’s view of commercial mobile applications designed to measure hand hygiene compliance by direct observation. 

Join thousands of observers who rely on Semmel to improve hand hygiene and patient safety.

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