What good is an audit system if it doesn’t let you sleep easier?

Semmel Pointer works smarter, following up issues for you and monitoring them until completion. No more pesky follow ups.

Audit systems that provide snappy checklist set up, faster inspection speed, create issues and collect evidence are table stakes features now. Semmel takes it further with a focus on making sure findings are resolved and tracks if audit results are in line with the intended outcomes.

First, close findings

Closing findings is the the backbone of an audit. You have hundreds of them, big and small, and they must be closed. Semmel Pointer works smarter, following up and nudging for the issues to be closed and monitoring them until completion for you.

All eyes on the outcome

Improved compliance must translate into better outcomes, be it reduced HAIs, shorter patient wait times, lower readmissions etc. Otherwise, compliance result is just a vanity measure. how do you know If it is otherwise, you need to know. But how? This is where many audit tools fall short. You only get half the picture.

Highlight the Good

Audit is an opportunity to motivate teams who have been rigorous to produce consistently good results. All best practices are automatically pulled into the report to demonstrate what the team has done well on.

A high performing audit system works hard for you, keeping an eye on open issues, actively nudging for them to be closed and motivating the team to do better.

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