Semmel OT Management System

Increase Throughput and Improve Patient Safety

Time To Orchestrate OT

Semmel OTMS is a data recording system of the surgical process of every patient within the operating theatre. It provides a practical and easy data collection tool to give hospital administrators, anaesthetists and surgeons the information basis to increase operating theatres' efficiency and patient safety.


Optimise patient Flow

It’s a real-time operational management solution which optimises patient flow in and out of operating rooms moving surgical cases in and out more efficiently, minimising delays, surgical cancellations, increase contribution margin and reduce wait times.

It does this by monitoring detailed intra-operative/intra-procedural milestones from when a patient is taken to surgical areas, through recovery/room return, discharge or transfer. Patient progress is displayed in real-time to all staff members who impact care, replacing the white board, and in family waiting rooms.


Consistent and Uniform Solution

The information it yields can be analysed in any number of ways to improve current processes and plan future procedures better to maximise facility utilisation.

  • Patient Wait Time
  • Turnaround Time
  • Actual Start Time vs. Scheduled Start Time
  • Case Delays
  • Case Delay Frequency by Delay Reason
  • Surgeon Check In Time vs. Scheduled Start
  • Clinical Discharge Time vs. PACU Leave
  • Time to Assign PACU after PACU Request