Semmel Hand Hygiene

Get Closer To The Truth

Feature #1:

Eliminate busy work.

Are you tired of with chasing observers to complete observations and submit their data so you can meet your reporting dateline?  Are you bogged down with data entry, data cleaning, counting and re counting?

Benefits of Semmel Direct Observation App

  • Eliminate busy work and gain back 100% of time spent on data preparation and generating reports.
  • Zero data cleaning.  Guaranteed.
  • Auto in-app notification to remind observers to collect data.

Feature #2: progress tracker

Do you see wild swings in your compliance rate?

Observers do not keep track of what they have done resulting in under or over achieving the required number of opportunities for each profession.  Inconsistent sample size is an error.  If you see wild swings in your compliance rate, you are likely a victim of this problem.

Benefits of Progress Tracker

  • Demonstrate improvement rates confidently with a reliable trend chart
  • Defendable with consistent sample size
  • Data is comparable month to month, quarter to quarter, year to year.
  • Ensures observations are even across the day, week and month.

Feature #3: Know the reasons and clinical activities for non-compliance

Are you looking for insights for non-compliance?  What are the reasons for non-compliance?  Is it different by professions?  By locations?  What data do you use to inform training?

Benefits of capturing reasons and activities

  • Use these data to identify training needs, improve training content and match groups with the right trainings.
  • A clear demonstration of use of compliance data (as required by Leapfrog)
  • Design effective hand hygiene campaigns and budgets

Automate Coaching.  Give Meaningful Feedback

Capture clinical activities of each observation and add meaning to compliance reports.

Receive automated coaching to explain hand hygiene to a staff, like ‘after taking the patient’s blood pressure’ for a Moment 4 or ‘after you move the patient’s belongings’ to a housekeeper for a Moment 5. This brings concepts down to practice that people can relate to it and take ownership of it when they truly understand the context of what they are doing.


Use A Single Yardstick To Standardise Measurement

One Definition.  One Method.  One Consistent Data Set.

Data variability is rampant which gives unreliable results and trends.  Difference in the data collection methods can happen due to individual or local interpretation by each observer and each hospital in your network.


Harmonise Data. Consistent and Uniform Solution

Consistent and Uniform Solution To Scale Across Your Network

Whether you have one or a hundred facilities spread across the world, using Semmel gets your consistent data quality that you can trust and gets you the assurance of infection prevention and control practice. Variability creates noise in your data which diminishes trending clarity, intervention programme effectiveness becomes harder to detect and inter-hospital performance across network hospitals are incomparable.