All The Reports You Need. Done For You.

Forget about data entry, data cleaning and pivot tables.

One of the key question is what is the impact of my compliance rate to HAI rate? Semmel let’s you upload your HAI data and we will overlay it on your hand hygiene data to show you a trend.

Semmel gives you a plethora of other charts, filters, drill downs and analytics to answer questions that you have about hand hygiene performance in your institution or group of institutions.

All Types of Compliance Charts

Helps to answer questions like compliance rate for profession, audit sites, Moments and many more.


What are the top reasons for non-compliance? Who are non-compliant?

Export charts to PowerPoint.

Select charts you need and export them into a PowerPoint file. No more cut and paste jobs.

Report Automation Like Never Before.

Set up unlimited report templates and let Semmel automation generate the reports and email it to your team based on schedule that you can set. Each recipient can have his own customised report. With Semmel Report Automation, you don’t have to manually generate report ever again.

See It To Believe It.

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