Mobilise Observers with Semmel

Use Semmel to move your team to where they need to be and who they need to audit - all without contact.


Join hundreds of IPs who has delegated the coordination of Observer duties to Semmel.

Notify observers

With auto notification, Semmel constantly review the samples required and notify observers if any quota is underachieved before the month end. 


Orchestrate observers

No matter how big is your team, Semmel points each observer to where, who and how many opportunities to collect.

Disperse observers

Each observer sees how their personal audit sessions are dispersed throughout the month helping them decide when to conduct audits.


Motivate observers


Boost each observer's confidence as a certified hand hygiene observer.  Receive free training from our in-house infection control nurse and get certified.

Stop chasing after observers.  Mobilise them with the power of Semmel.

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