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User Management-Advance Function

Auto Create User Accounts

Accounts can be created in bulk through uploading a spreadsheet that is pre-populated with user information.  To successfully create user accounts in bulk using this method. You are required to set upload preference settings prior to downloading a corresponding spreadsheet template.

Step 1: Upload Preference Setting

Select module(s). Select a default username for all the users. Choose the User Type. Enter a default password that is common to all users in the template. You can “force password change” after the first login.

Note: You can have a customize username for each user under the Username Field. When you download the template, you can see an extra column for Username.

Step 2: Download and open Template.

Fill in all required fills (fields in red are compulsory).

The roles for each of the modules selected are populated in the template after “Account Expiry Date” column. For each user and for each role, enter Yes to grant access and No to deny access.

Step 3: Select choose and then select the template that you have saved and click upload

Note: User will receive an email to indicate if the users have been uploaded successfully or failed.  If fail, the email will provide details of failure.

Access Management

Semmel has a powerful user management system that lets the Administrator to have granular control over each  function in all our application modules. Each module is broken down into individual functions. 

Follow the steps below to grant access to a User.

Step 1: Create a Role

Step 2: Assign Functions to a Role

Refer below to assign features and functions to a role. 

Step 3: Assign Role to a User

As a final step, assign a Role to the User that you want to be given the permission to access those features.  

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