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You can set up event based notification to users. As an example you set to send notification to an Inspector who is assigned to a Template.

In this current version, all notifications are sent via emails.

Firstly let’s define these terminologies:

1. Process OwnerProcess Owner is a User who is responsible for a process in his department. He has an interest to know if a process is broken.

2. HOD (Head of Department) – A Process Owner reports to the HOD. Outstanding Issues can be carbon copied or escalated to a HOD.

As an example, if you are setting up a Template to audit Patient Documentation, then the Process Owner is the Quality Manager and the HOD is the Director of Quality.

How to set up the Process Owner and HOD for each Template?

Step 1: Select a Template and click Edit.

Step 2: Select one or more Users as HOD and select one of more Users as the Process Owner.

Notification Settings

Check the corresponding boxes of each event to turn on notifications and uncheck the boxes to turn them off.

Inspection Notification

The Inspector will receive an email instantly to notify him that a Template has been assigned to him. Please note that since the email is sent instantly, please make sure your Template is completed and ready for use before you assigning the template to Inspectors.

Action Notification

The Corrector will receive an email to notify him that an Action has been assigned to him instantly the moment an Action is created even if the inspection itself is NOT completed yet. If an ongoing inspection yields 10 Actions that is assigned to the same Corrector, this Corrector would have received 10 email notifications. If an Action is reassigned to another Corrector for the same Issue, the new Corrector will instantly receive a email notification.

If sending an email notification for each Action that is created is too frequent, you have the option to collate all the Actions that are assigned to a Corrector into a single email. This email will only be sent out upon completing an inspection Template.

Corrective Action Notification

1. When a corrective action is taken and the status is changed to “Ready for Verification“, the Process Owner will be informed via email.

2. When a corrective action status is changed to “Complete“, the Process Owner will be informed via email.

3. When a corrective action status is changed to “ReOpen“, the Corrector of this Issue will be informed via email.

3. When a corrective action status is changed to “Not Me” by the Corrector, the Inspector of the Template will be informed via email.

Inspection Report Notification

Trigger the system to send the Inspection Report as soon as an inspection status is marked as Completed.

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