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Validation Audit

Validation Audit function lets you appoint “Coaches” to collect a separate set of Hand Hygiene observation data to compare with those data collected by regular auditors. Data collected by Coaches can be compared to validate the data collected by regular auditors.

Assigning a User to be a Coach is a two step process. Firstly, the User needs to be a registered user and given the role as “Auditor” in the User Management module. Once he is given the role as Auditor, then switch him to a Coach. Follow the steps below.

A User who is assigned a Coach be switched back to be a regular Auditor at any time. However, the data collected by these roles are ALWAYS separated.


Data that is collected by a Coach are stored separately from regular Auditor’s data. Do not mistakenly switch a regular Auditor to be a Coach and vice versa. There is no way to move the data collect by a Coach to regular audit data and vice versa.

Step 1: Assign a User the role of Auditor

In the User Management Module, click User Type and then click Employee User Profile.

Then select an employee name and click Edit. In the Mobile App Access section, assign the Auditor role to this user. Click Save.

Step 2: Switch Auditor to a Coach

Step 1 go to the Hand Hygiene Admin Portal. Click Validation Audit in the side menu.

Step 2 To appoint an Auditor as a Coach, tick the Coach checkbox next to his name.

TIP : Use the search box to quickly find the name of auditors.

If you confirm to appoint this User to be a Coach, then click “Yes” and the checkbox will be ticked to confirm that this user is appointed a Coach. Otherwise, click “No”.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The change will take effect only when the User sync the app either automatically or manually.


Please note that data collected by Coach is stored separately from regular Auditor’s data pool. All data is encrypted and there is no way for us to move from data from Coach data pool to the Auditor data pool and vice versa.

Collect data as a Coach

Refer to the steps below.

Step 1: Login to the Hand Hygiene mobile app with your username and password.

Step 2: Once logged in, the app will auto Sync. If your app is already launched, then go to the menu and click Sync. You know that you are in Coach mode when the top of the bar is Yellow colour with the title Coach Progress.

Quota For Coach

Coach is able to collect as much data as needed and the number shows the total opportunities collected to date. However, it does not have a set Quota to meet.

Revert a User from Coach to Auditor

You can switch a Coach back to a regular Auditor by unchecking the box of the User. A warning will again pop up. Click Yes to confirm.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The change will take effect only when the User sync the app either automatically or manually.

Once data is collected, you can now see the Hand Hygiene report in the web portal.

How to view the Coach report ?

All reports have an audit type filter. Select Coach to view Coach report.

Click here to see a full guide on reports.

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