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Set up Audit Site

Audit Site refers to the locations, departments, wards or any other sites in which you will need a compliance report of itself.

To create an Audit Site:

  1. Click on Audit Sites in the sidebar menu;
  2. Click Add
  3. Enter the name of the Audit Site;
  4. Before you can save this Audit Site name, you are required to set quota (or sample size) that is required for this site. See 3.4.2 below on how to set this up.

Note: As mentioned in the Audit Site Group configuration above, an audit site can be mapped to one or more audit site groups. An example would be NICU which bace be mapped to the Paediatric Department group as well as the Critical Care group.

To delete an Audit Site:

  1. Select an Audit Site
  2. Click Delete button
  3. Click OK to confirm

Note: If you have data that is already associated with an audit site, then this audit site cannot be deleted. You will receive an error message if you attempt to delete it.

3.4.2 Set Quota for an Audit Site:

Quota refers to the sample size required or the number of opportunities required for any given audit site. This Quota will then need to be distributed across Professions or Profession Groups. As a Quick Start Guide, your account is preconfigured with:

  • a sample quota of 30 for each audit site
  • this quota is distributed to each of the 4 preset Profession Groups in the ratio of 30:50:10:10. This means that the 30 opportunities, 9 for Doctors, 15 for Nurses, 3 for Allied Health and 3 for Ancillary.

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