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Remind Auditors To Collect Data

Setting up auto reminders will help you save time on making phone calls or messaging Auditors. You can set up to 3 reminders within a calendar month. If the conditions are met, reminders will be sent to the relevant Auditor.

How to set up reminders?

Step 1: Double click on the Semmel Hand Hygiene Module to launch the application;

Step 2: On the left Menu, click Mobile Settings

Step 3: In the Auditor Notification, set up the notification dates. If you set the 1st Reminder to 7, then this reminder will be sent on 7th day of the month.

If you want to turn off notifications, then untick all the boxes. If you only want to send two reminders in a month, then untick one of the boxes.

Who will receive the notification?

  • For Audit Sites that have been assigned to Auditors, each of these Auditors will receive notification;
  • For open Audit Sites i.e. Audit Sites that have NOT been assigned to any Auditors, then ALL Auditors will receive notification for this site.

When will Auditors receive the notification?

Notification will be sent only if the monthly Quota set for an Audit Site is not fulfilled yet by the date of each notification. Once the Quota for a site is met, notification for this particular site will automatically stop.

What does the notification say?

The notification will state the name of the Audit Site and that the quota is not met and remind the Auditor to start audit.

Where will the Auditor see the notification?

Auditors will receive notifications in their mobile app in the form of a banner, just like any other app notifications. This banner will disappear once you click on it. If you turned off notifications in your mobile device, you will not receive the notifications.


I did not receive notification

  1. Check if the Quota for the site that you have been assigned is met. If the quota is met, you will not receive notification for that site.
  2. In your mobile device, check that notification from Semmel Hand Hygiene app is set to “Allow“.
  3. Make sure the Quota Reset Interval is set to Monthly.

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