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Do you have information that you want to share across with all of your auditors? Training materials, audit guideline, hand hygiene policies are some of the information that you want share with every auditor. Knowledge Centre lets you create a library of information that auditors can access them from the Semmel Hand Hygiene mobile app.

What types of content can you share in the library?

You can share videos, images and PDF documents. The formats accepted are:

  • Videos: mp4 and 3gp
  • Images: jpeg, png and svg
  • Documents: PDF

Please note that there is a size limit to the Library. To purchase more space, please contact Support.

How to create a library?

Firstly, determine how you want to organise your information. Semmel presents information in folders and within each folder, its library contents. Let’s say you want to create 2 category of information.

  • Category A: all information about hand hygiene audit e.g. policies, guidelines, how to audit etc.
  • Category B: all information about hand hygiene technique e.g. wash technique, hand rub technique
Knowledge Centre

Step 1: In the Hand Hygiene module, click Knowledge Centre.

Step 2: Click Add. A dialog box will pop up.

Step 3: Under Title, give this file a tile. Example: How To Conduct Hand Hygiene Surveillance

Step 4: Then give it a Description. This is optional.

Step 5: Put this information in a folder. Create your first folder by entering a folder name e.g. HH Audit Policies where this file (How To Conduct Hand Hygiene Surveillance) will sit in.

Step 6: Upload the file. Then hit Submit. Both the folder with the file in it will be created and displayed as a list.

Tip: To add more files to a folder that you have create, click on the dropdown arrow under Folder Name field and you will find all the folders that you have created. Select the one where you want the new file to be in.

Edit Title, Description or move file to another category

Click Edit to change the Title, Description of recategorise a file to another folder.

Delete a file

Select a file, then hit Delete. When prompted, click Yes.

Delete a folder

There is no direct way to delete a folder. Once all files that are associated to a folder are deleted, the folder will also be deleted.

How to view contents in Library?

By default, all users with Auditor role will have access to the Library.

To view library contents, click on the Menu in the Semmel Hand Hygiene mobile app. Then click on Library.

IMPORTANT: You need internet access to view content. Library does not work offline.

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