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Assign Auditors To Audit Site

There are 2 methods to assign auditors to an audit site.

  1. From Audit Site page
  2. Upload from an Excel file

The difference between the two methods is that Excel file lets you assign all audit sites at one go instead of assigning it one by one. We will discuss only method 2 as method 1 is covered in Quick Setup Guide and Audit Site setup.

Step 1: Go to System Setting, then Upload Settings

Step 2: Click Download Template. This will download an Excel file of all of your current settings

Step 3: Open the Excel file that you have just downloaded.

Step 4: In the Audit Site tab (circled below), assign auditor(s) to each site by entering the email address of the auditor in the Auditor Email column. Delete the email addresses of auditors which you no longer want to assign them to that site. Repeat for each site.

Audit Site Tab


  • Please entered the email addresses of users who:
    • are already registered in the Semmel system
    • these users are given the Auditor role email
  • If these two conditions are not met, you will still be able to upload the Excel file successfully BUT these unregistered users will not be assigned to the respective audit sites.

Step 5: Save the file. You can use the same filename or any new filename.

Step 6: Go back to Upload Settings page

Step 7: Click Choose or drag and drop the new file into the dialogue box.

Step 8: Click Upload. You will see a Success message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What will happen to my current assignees?

Answer: Your current assignees will be replaced with the new assignees. They will see the new audit sites that have been assigned ot htem on their progress page.

Question: Do I need to inform each Auditor that they have been reassigned?

Answer: No. Each of the Auditor will see the new sites that have been assigned to them.

Want to assign or reassign auditors in bulk?

Follow these steps here.

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