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Assign Audit Site To Auditors

An Audit Site can be assigned to one or more Auditors. If an Audit Site is assigned to several Auditors, this Audit Site will be displayed on these Auditors‘ mobile app. It will not be displayed in other Auditors’ app.

Alternatively, you can leave the audit site open to all Auditors without assigning it to anyone. If you leave an Audit Site open, then all Auditors will find this Audit Site displayed on their mobile app.

You have the choice to assign some Audit Sites, while leaving others open to all.

Why assign Audit Sites

There are 2 benefits when you assign Audit Sites

  1. Keep the Auditors focused only on the Audit Sites that are displayed on their mobile phones.
  2. If you practice cross department audit, then switching Auditors to different sites is easy AND you do not need to communicate this switch to each Auditor. Just give a standing order to audit only those sites that are visible on their mobile apps.

How to assign Audit Sites to Auditors

Go to Semmel Hand Hygiene Admin Portal

Click Audit Site on the left Menu

Under Auditors field at the bottom of the dialogue box, click on the field to display a dropdown list of Auditor names.

Tick the names of those whom you want to assign this Audit Site.

Click Save

Tip: Only the names of Users who has the Auditor role will appear in this dropdown list.

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