So smart it can run your team for you.

Configure it once, and then let Semmel Hand Hygiene coordinate your observers for you. No emails, no phone calls.

The App does the reminders, so you don’t need to.

Stop chasing for data. Semmel sends out reminders if sample size is not achieved before time runs out.

Ensures observations are well dispersed.

Was data collected across all shifts? Tough question to answer but yes, and here’s the proof.

Let observers see for themselves how they are contributing to ensure hand hygiene is practiced at all times. It’s a great motivator!

Short on opportunities again?

That’s because no one sees the whole picture, until now.

Semmel’s Quota Progress Scoreboard lets each observer know how many opportunities are collected and how many more are needed for each profession and location.

Proven to get all the data you need consistently.

Small feature, big gain.

Want to provide coaching in real-time?

Just-in-time coaching leads to behaviour change. But how do you scale it and how do you report it?

Semmel’s coaching function allows observers to record the barriers and the coaching that was given to staffs.

Retrieve coaching notes and analysis from our Reports module.

Record staff name

  • Need to prove non-compliance? Capture staff name.
  • Need to prove coaching is given? Capture staff name.
  • Need to know who are the repeat offenders? Capture staff name.

Capturing staff name demonstrates to accreditation bodies and internal leaderships that your data is reliable.

Want to improve data quality?

See how you can set up advanced configuration in Semmel Hand Hygiene to improve data quality that meet the standards set by world accreditation bodies.

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