Crush Your HAI Rates

Combine Hand Hygiene & Environmental Hygiene in a single platform for that one-two punch on HAI.

Offer ends 29 Feb, 2024.

Remember the days of paper hand hygiene audits and manual reporting? Arrrgh!
Thank goodness those days are long gone for you!

But for environmental hygiene, are you still stuck with spreadsheets, Google or Microsoft Forms?

Forget these half-baked measures. Why? Because you’re still wasting time:

  • chasing down auditors to complete their audits;
  • painstakingly jigsaw puzzling photos to each issue into a spreadsheet;
  • tracking if corrective actions are taken and completed;

And most of all, you don’t have a big picture of where the real risks are.

Now we’ve come to save you from these too!

Introducing Pointer Environmental Hygiene, your digital solution for streamlining environmental hygiene audits with hand hygiene audits and boosting your HAI prevention success like never before.

Here’s A Bonus For You.

Limited-Time Loyalty Offer: This account is free as long as you are a Semmel Hand Hygiene customer and comes with 360 annual audit submission credits included. That’s right, experience the power of Pointer at no cost.

This exclusive offer expires February 29, 2024. Secure your lifetime free access and unlock the full potential of unified infection control today!

Why Pointer Environmental Hygiene is a Game-Changer for you:

You are the new wave of tech empowered nurses.

Join the tech-powered nursing revolution. Ditch the clipboards, spreadsheets, Google and Microsoft Forms. Pointer empowers you to conduct digital audits anytime, anywhere with just your phone. No more messy paperwork or misplaced data that stunts your professional progress.

Don’t wait to be disrupted. Disrupt healthcare with your digital expertise.

Unify the fight against HAI

Pointer is integrated with your existing hand hygiene data to show you a complete picture of your infection prevention programme. See the bigger story, optimise strategies, and crush HAI rates.

Effortless Compliance and Action Tracking.

Simplify corrective actions with automated workflows. Assign tasks, track progress, escalate issues, and ensure issues are resolved efficiently, leaving no room for slip-ups.

Say YES to Standardisation & Automated Reporting.

Pre-built audit tools ensure consistent procedures across your facilities. And just like Semmel hand hygiene, your environmental hygiene auto generates beautiful reports in minutes, impressing management and showcasing your infection control prowess.

Invest 5 Minutes Now To Save You Hours Of Work

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Act Now, Don’t Miss Out.

P.S. Remember, this offer ends February 29, 2024. Don’t miss out on this chance to revolutionise your infection control programme!

Unify Hand Hygiene & Environmental Hygiene with Semmel Today.

Together, let’s conquer HAIs!


Q: Why Pointer Environmental Hygiene is for me?

A: The future of healthcare is digital. Semmel Pointer is built for you, the new age digital nurse. Embrace technology now. Join the thriving community of tech-savvy nurses. Learn, collaborate, and advance together.

Q: Is Pointer Environmental Hygiene really free?

A: Absolutely! Semmel Pointer is free for Hand Hygiene customers. First you need to activate your free account before the dateline. Secondly, you need to start using the system by 30 June of 2024. If there are no activities after that date, this offer will lapse.

Q: What comes with the free account? Are there any limitations?

A: Your free account comes with preset environmental hygiene audit tools. You can customise them or create your own audit tools. It also comes with 360 free submission credits per year.

Q: What is a submission?

A: One completed checklist or audit tool counts as a submission. You have free 360 submissions credits in a year.

Q: What happens if I need more submissions?

A: You can purchase additional submission credits. A bundle of 500 submission credits is RM250 only.

Q: How does Pointer integrates with my existing Semmel Hand Hygiene data?

A: You will have a new chart that shows both the hand hygiene and environmental hygiene with the option of uploading your HAI cases. This way, you can see the impact of your efforts on HAI allowing you to analyse trends and identify areas for improvement across both hand hygiene and environmental hygiene.

Q: Is Pointer easy to use?

A: Just like Semmel Hand Hygiene, Pointer takes anyone just 5 minutes to learn.

Q: Can I preview the audit tools that you have?

A: Yes. Once you activate your account, you can view them in our library.

Q: Can I create my own checklists or audit tools?

A: Yes, you can. Pointer also provides pre-built audit tools which you can edit to your liking to the audit tools are tailored to your unique environment and infection control priorities.

Q: What kind of support do you offer?

A: We offer the same personalised WhatsApp support, the same support you have been getting for hand hygiene.

Q: How can I activate my free account?

A: Simply click the “Activate My Free Account” button, and follow the three easy steps. It takes less than 5 minutes to get started!

Do you have any other questions?

Contact us through our website chat or WhatsApp support.

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