Consistently Scoring Above 90% Compliance Rate?

If you have doubts about the compliance rate you are getting, put these steps in your programme. You can set up a Validation Audit and other steps to improve data quality.

Validation Audit.

Semmel’s Validation Audit function lets managers collect a different set of compliance data to compare them to those done by regular observers.

Get clean data, always

Configure the app to turn off Moments that do not apply to certain professions. A housekeeper for example does not perform any aseptic procedures.

Similarly, turn off any Moments that do not apply to certain audit sites like sterile processing units or labs.

Remove bias with Cross Audit

Instead of auditing their own units, assign observers to cross audit other units to reduce bias. No phone calls are needed because only Units that are assigned to the observer(s) are displayed on the Progress page.

Switching staff to different units is also easy with Semmel. Just upload an Excel spreadsheet. Switch as often as you like.

Assign Observer

Disperse audit times

Improve data quality by demonstrating to each observer their individual audit performance. If it is concentrated in certain times or days in a month, it indicates poor coverage.

What is the impact of my hand hygiene compliance rate on my institution’s HAI rate?

Measuring impact is important to prove efficacy and a strong motivator to continuously improve. Semmel lets you upload your HAI data and overlay that against you compliance data.

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