Semmel Hand Hygiene Free Account

In these trying times, we would like to extend our help ease your administrative burden.

Covid-19 Update:

To support your institution during these challenging times, Semmel is offering 3 months of free access, without any limit, to new customers. Effective immediately, you get full Semmel Hand Hygiene service for free.

See FAQs below.


Please make sure your email is correct to receive login credentials.  We only accept corporate emails.

Please allow up to 24 hours to set up your account.

    What is your chose Plan?

    Please tell us your practice standard so we can set up your account correctly.


    How long can we use the free account for?

    The account is free for a full 3 calendar months regardless of your start date.  For example, if you start on 19 Jan, your end date will be 30 April.  This will ensure you have a full month's report.

    What is included in the free account?

    Full version of Semmel Hand Hygiene.

    What is excluded from the free account?


    Do we get user support for free account?

    Yes, you will get the support like our full-service customers.  We are ready to assist you from setting up your account all the way to lift off!  There are 3 ways to get support:

    1. "How-To" videos that are well organised
    2. Online chat
    3. Email to help desk

    Can we continue with the same account at the end of the free period?

    Yes, you can inform us of your intention to subscribe to our service.

    What happens to our data after the free period?

    1. You can download the raw data in Excel format to perform your own charts. OR
    2. Keep your account idle up to 3 months.  If you wish to subscribe before the expiry of the idle period, you can restart using the same account.

    We have a group of hospitals.  Can we get a free account for each of the institutions?

    1. Yes and you also get a group level account for free.
    2. A group account lets you access group level report to compare results of each institution.