Business Development Executive


Semmel is a growing healthcare technology startup, providing our softwares to large healthcare groups and government bodies in Malaysia and Singapore.  Our ambitious growth and expansion into Europe and the USA requires equally ambitious individuals to pioneer our presence in these new markets for us.

We are seeking 3 motivated individuals to join our business development team.  In this position, you will be given the unique opportunity to gain the knowledge and experience in business-to-business enterprise sales and business management under the direction of experienced personnel. You will be given comprehensive and detailed training across critical functions like sales, client services, operations, product management and basic IT that lay a strong foundation for you to grow yourself into one of the most satisfying and fulfilling careers as a business development executive.  This path will lead you to future leadership roles in  Business Development, Sales or Operations.

We are looking for young graduates who can bring new ideas, introduce fresh perspectives and bring energy into our company.  If you are looking for a company where you get to flex your creative muscles and learn by doing, come join us.


Even as a technology company, our success comes from our focus in blending behavioural science into our products that converts them into practical solutions that our clients love. Human first; technology second - that’s our belief.  It is not surprising then that we are looking for people who find passion in solving problems through an understanding of human behaviour first.

  • BA or B.Sc in Psychology, Behavioural Science, Behavioural Economics, Bachelor of Arts (Psychology major), Design, Technology or other equivalent disciplines.
  • Has an on-going passion in creative arts such as playing a musical instrument, classical dance, performing arts or competitive team sports
  • Tech savvy - ability to learn how to use a software quickly
  • Less than 12 months of working experience in any field preferably where you are in service to others e.g. sales, marketing etc.
  • Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.  Preferably a graduate in the field of psychology, sales, marketing, technology, English or journalism
  • Speaks and writes excellent English
  • Able to articulate ideas and concepts well
  • If you have received training in critical thinking or other personal development training, please state them in your resume.


  • Grow you career working alongside leading healthcare institutions of the world
  • Paid training programmes
  • Paid volunteering leave
  • Flexibility to work from home
  • Competitive Salary
  • Performance bonus
  • Medical insurance
  • Interest free loans

How To Apply

  • Clearly state your education background, extra curricular activities, creative flair, achievements in arts and/or sports achievements
  • A recent photograph of you