Finally, All The Key Drivers To Improve Hand Hygiene You've Been Asking For Are Here In One Place.


See like you've not seen before

Your observers are your eyes and ears. Besides monitoring compliance, they are inadvertently observing the clinical activities, awareness, knowledge and competence of staff. But current tools confined them to record only compliance data. Without incorporating what they actually see, direct observations loses its power. The goal of direct observation is helping staff to practice hand hygiene correctly, at the right time, every time. Therefore, having the right tool to record the details of their observation will unlock the true power of direct observation.

Unlock the power of direct observation.

Unlock the power of direct observation. Use Semmel to capture the detail. Do more than just measuring compliance. There is no end to that.


Nurture Self Accountability

If you present to a group of physicians that their hand hygiene compliance rate is 85%, do they know what it means and how to react to it? Specifically, what can they do to improve? Current hand hygiene monitoring data lacks meaning because there are no accompanying context to explain what they were doing right and what they were doing wrong. Without accompanying context such as the clinical activities, charts alone can end up raising more questions, unwarranted skepticism and objections, thus making self accountability a remote possibility. If hand hygiene is a quality indicator, then prevent it from getting lost in translation by incorporating the right context.

Collecting data but missing the point?

If compliance rate is your quality indicator, Semmel can give you the context that unveils the bigger picture and tells a clearer story.


Get into their minds And Improve Competency

The best value from direct observation is when you can use clinical examples to explain hand hygiene to a staff, like ‘after taking the patient’s blood pressure’ for a Moment 4 and explaining simple activities like ‘after you move the patient’s belongings’ to a housekeeper for a Moment 5. This brings concepts down to practice and people can relate to it and take ownership of it when they truly understand the context of what they are doing.

Feedback is the cornerstone of hand hygiene.

Point to your staff what is preventing them from reaching their compliance goals. Be specific with Semmel’s automated feedback capability.


One Definition. One Method. One data Set.

Difference in the data collection methods can happen due to individual or local interpretation by each hospital in your network. Unless data collection definitions and methods are unambiguous, published, supervised, and regularly monitored, variations may occur which affect the validity of the data. And you do not get the assurance of infection prevention and control practice. Variability creates noise in your data which diminishes trending clarity, intervention programme effectiveness becomes harder to detect and inter-hospital performance across network hospitals are incomparable.

Semmel ensures consistency in data collection method.

It effectively creates a single inter-operable standard to measure and compare performance over time and across hospitals in your network.
Standardise Hand Hygiene Process Across Network



Build Momentum For Lasting Change

You’ve wished you have two or more of you. More hands to help you collect data and even more role models and advocates to influence hand hygiene acceptance.  The value of your work increases when more accepts hand hygiene practice and exhibits a prosocial behaviour.  But you need to reach that boiling point where self accountability and advocacy reaches a sufficient scale and critical mass that it becomes autocatalytic. Behavioural science has shown that unspoken peer pressure is a very effective tool to nudge people to make the right choices each time.  Explicitly telling someone to comply is less effective than having an air around him that pushes him to exhibit prosocial behaviour.  Reaching that tipping point however, is a matter of design, not chance. And you need automation to help you scale your efforts to create a hand hygiene acceptance flywheel that spins with lesser force as it pulls in more believers and advocates.

With automated feedback switched on, it's time to scale your operations.

As an infection preventionist, the value of your work increases exponentially once you reach that critical mass of advocates. Partner with Semmel and pull more advocates to your side.