Do More With Less

While direct observation is the gold standard, pen and paper solution is no longer sustainable. It simply takes too much energy.

The decision to pick a winning observation system need not be difficult. The number one criteria is user adoption. If your observers use it willingly, it’s a good system. If they don’t, it doesn’t matter how great a system solves all your backend operational problems. You will still have them if data isn’t coming in.

The first step therefore is to give your observers a tool that they will enjoy using.

Win Them Over

Give observers an app that is enjoyable to use and your campaign is half won. Semmel is fun, fast and friendly and only minimal effort is required from Observers.
This copyrighted interface has won many hearts and a prestigious award.

As Easy As Candy Crush

Point and swipe. It can’t get easier than this. No scrolling. No fumbling. Each time an opportunity is captured, you’re right on the same page. Perfect hand-eye coordination. Takes 1 min to learn. 2 min to master. Fast and accurate.

Give Visibility

Often, observers lose track of how many more opportunities are still required for each profession and unit. This leads to missing quota and late submissions causing unreliable reports. Never face this issue again.

Manage Compliance

What gets measured gets done. But when reports come in at month end, it’s too late. Use Semmel to send out preset weekly reports to inform all units and professions on how they are performing so corrective actions can be taken to meet compliance targets.

Get To The Root

What are the main causes for non-compliance in your hospital? While the causes may be common, not all hospitals share the same weight for each cause. Neither does each of the units. Identify and tackle root causes with Semmel’s non-compliance tracker.

Prevent Unit Bias

Easily set up cross unit surveillance amongst observers to prevent unit bias.

Setting up cross audit is a challenge because it involves moving people around. But not with Semmel. Assign auditors to any location and let our app inform them automatically. No more phone calls. No more timetable!

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Your “Cut & Paste” Days Are Over

A favourite function of Semmel is its reporting tool. Preset reports to individual or groups. Export all charts at one go into PDF, Powerpoint or Word Doc. One time set up and shave off hundreds of hours of your time preparing charts and reports. You’ll love it. Guaranteed.